Commercial real estate in Calgary is one of the largest in Canada, with about 65 million square feet of office space in the downtown and suburban areas, and about 127 million square feet of industrial space in the south east and north east. With such a large inventory, foreign and domestic investors are sure to find a commercial property in the city that best suits their interests and needs.

Aside from office buildings, retail centers like shopping malls are very popular because they can be rented on a long-term basis—provided tenants agree on a “triple net lease agreement” in their contract. This clause ensures that the investor's returns won't go down as taxes and operating expenditures increase. Meanwhile, resorts and hotels generally represent a huge gamble because while they generate large profits, they can be quite a handful to manage. Savvy investors are known to lease out hotels and resorts to companies who can run them in their stead.

Other investors also purchase plots of land for development, which is arguably the riskiest but most lucrative venture they can take. On one hand, land development brings with it a slew of construction and legal requirements, but on the other hand, investors can develop the property as they see fit. The city of Calgary may require investors to work with the Development and Building Approvals Business Unit before any land purchases can be finalized.



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