Getting into commercial real estate is known to be more beneficial than being part of a residential real estate business. Due to additional cash flow and bigger payoff, there's no question that commercial real estate investment can be an attractive venture. So if you plan to invest in a commercial real estate property or close a good commercial real estate deal, you have to identify and evaluate the best opportunities.

The first step is to think like a professional. Know that commercial properties are valued differently than residential properties. Once you learn what the insiders know, create an action plan. Ask yourself how much you can afford to shell out. Get the number of tenants on board or ask how much rental space you need to fill. You also have to remember that a good deal is not all about meeting your financial goals, it also involves handling every aspect that will be crucial in the long run such as the property's location, potential for growth, and many others.

Don't forget to also familiarize yourself with commercial real estate concepts, and learn to spot great deals. Find sellers who are eager to sell below market value. Note that only sellers who are motivated are willing to negotiate and hopefully accept your terms.

Lastly, be flexible and resourceful. You have plenty of sources around you to find the best properties. Building a good relationship with property owners is also important. Remember, good communication is key to doing business.


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