When that once-spacious condo unit starts to feel a little cramped for you and your family, it's a sign that you should consider purchasing a house. Take care, though. Purchasing a house is a big financial decision. As such, there are many factors you should look into before signing on that dotted line:

Visit a house you're interested in during different times of the day. How is traffic in the area during the morning rush? What about traffic in the evening? This helps you get a better understanding of the community before you move in. In addition, talking to your potential neighbors can paint a clearer picture of a neighborhood's pros and cons.

Always put a premium on the condition of the kitchen. The kitchen is generally considered the heart of a home, where you and the members of your family will undoubtedly converge. As such, a spacious, yet efficient kitchen is ideal. Take note of everything a house's set kitchen has to offer and determine it meets your needs, since the kitchen is the usually the most expensive room in a house to remodel.

When looking at the bathroom, be vigilant in checking for any leaks and cracks in the tub, shower, and toilet. Take note of the total number of bathrooms and see if it's enough to suit the current and future needs of your family. Be thorough with your assessment because the bathroom can cost a pretty penny when remodeled.



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