According to a number of surveys, Calgary is one of the most liveable places in Canada. The city, nestled within the province of Alberta, was even considered the cleanest city in the country by Forbes. It also helps that the region is a very bustling community, with much of the action centered on its downtown district.

Calgary’s rise to fame can be attributed to Alberta’s sudden oil boom around 1999. Wisely, many businesses flocked to the city, hoping to capitalize on the economic wave Calgary was riding on. Today, the city is replete with skyscrapers, offices, and numerous shopping and dining options, yet unlike other congested cities in Canada, a good number of the new houses in Calgary are built in areas of expansion. This means homebuyers can look forward to enjoying city life while having entire houses to themselves.

Buying a home in Calgary can be tricky. Properties around and in the city can fetch a premium price, and such things discourage first-time buyers. Fortunately, local real estate professionals can help buyers find a house that perfectly fits their budgets. Calgary’s a wonderful place to live in, and it certainly pays to know exactly which houses are the best in the region.



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